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Extension Sets

Universal Low Profile Feeding Tube Extension Sets

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  • Compatible with MIC Key® and MINI One® and all other low profile gastrostomy feeding tubes.

  • Dual ENFit Ports with 90°connector allows for continuous feeding, easy flushing, and administration or liquid medication without disconnecting set.

  • Single ENFit Port & Straight connector for bolus feeding, flushing, and medication delivery.

  • Not made with natural rubber latex, Bisphenol A (BPA) or other phtalate plasticizers.

  • Bolus Feed, Single ENFit Port  with Straight or Right Angle available in 12" (30cm) and 24" (60cm)

  • Continuous Feed, Dual ENFit Port available in 12" (30cm) and 24" (60cm)

  • Use only administration/feeding sets with ENFit connectors. Feeding sets with different connectors are not compatible with Vesco feeding tubes.

  • Device is non-sterile.

  • See individual product labeling for directions and important safety information.

  • Single patient use.

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