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Single ENFit Port

Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes - Single Port

With the introduction of new ISO 80369-3 standard connectors known commonly as ENFit, traditional gastrostomy tubes or G-Tubes with either a single or dual female funnels that accepted male stepped or “Christmas Tree” connectors now have ENFit male connectors.  Vesco Medical G-Tubes will be compatible with any administration set or syringe with ENFit female connectors.  Balloon valves will continue to have a Luer slip port accepting Luer slip tip syringes in order to blow up the balloon.

Vesco G-Tubes have the following features on both our Single ENFit Port and Dual ENFit Port devices. 

  • ENFit (ISO 80369-3 standard) connector port designed to reduce the risk of tubing misconnections
  • Durable silicone tubing with rounded skin disc for retention
  • Clear shaft with graduation marks and rounded flush with open distal end
  • Gastric balloon for internal retention
  • Made without Latex, BPA & PHT

Product Specifications:

  • Download Vesco Medical gastrostomy feeding tubes portfolio case specifications and pallet configurations.  
  • Click on product photos below to learn about each product and download individual product specifications sheets.

 Important Safety Information

  • Use only administration/feeding sets with ENFit connectors. Feeding sets withdifferent connectors are not compatible with Vesco feeding tubes.
  • Tube has the potential to misconnect with small bore connectors of other healthcareapplications.
  • Single-patient use only
  • See individual product labeling for directions for use and important safety information

Rx Only (Not available in single units)

Pricing available upon request.