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Meet Our Leadership:

With extensive experience in the enteral feeding device market, our senior leadership is fully prepared to enact our vision of providing the highest value, quality and service to our customers.


Tom Hancock

President & CEO

  • 25 years in healthcare commercial and brand management

  • Abbott Labs: Medical Device, Similac and Specialty Nutrition

  • Saatchi & Saatchi (Nexium), Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • GEDSA: Founder and Executive Director

  • B.S. from Lehigh University; MBA from University of Rochester

Chris O'Keefe

VP Product Development & Innovation

  • 22 years of medical device product development

  • M&A, open innovation, patenting (over 40 patents), ISO 13485 quality systems

  • Hill Rom, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Teleflex/Arrow

  • B.S. ME from Worcester Polytechnic Institute; M.S. ME from Purdue University


Noah Rosen

VP Sales & Commercial Operations

  • 25 years in sales & business development with various
    multi-national healthcare organizations

  • Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Bristol-Myers Squibb​​

  • B.A. from Boston University, MBA from Syracuse University

steve 2.jpg

National Account Manager

Steve Atkinson

  • 14 years wholesale and client retention. 9 years experience in enteral establishing long-term client relationships

  • Cintas, Nationwide Financial
  • B.A. from Muskingum University in Speech Communications


John Bishop

  • 20 years of Accounting, Financial Operations, & Management

  • Dennison University, Schiffman Grow & Co., Pharmacy Systems, Inc.

  • B.S. from Miami University in Accounting


Director of Quality & Regulatory Assurance

Glenn Brunner

  • 30 years in medical device & regulatory/QMS development

  • Medex, Inc. (Smiths Medical), Opticon Medical, Wiseology LLC (consulting)

  • B.E. Electrical Engineering, University of Dayton; M.S. Biomedical Engineering, The Ohio State University


VP Global Business Development

Derek O'Hara

  • 26 years of medical device product and business development in EMEA, LATAM & APAC

  • Abbott Nutrition International - Engineering, brand management and product development

  • Cedic - Business Development for enteral device component and finished goods supplier

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