About Us

All ENFit all the Time!

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Vesco Medical is a vibrant and nimble company organized around our customers. Work with us online or over the phone and we’ll deliver professional tube-feeding products and consistent support to ensure quality customer care.


Vesco is the only enteral feeding device company that is all ENFit all the time and strives to be a forerunner while the community is transitioning to these new patient safety standards for small-bore connectors. Our narrow selection of tube feeding products allows us to focus on what matters most; consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

We are a proud member of the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA). GEDSA was formed to help introduce international safety standards in medical device tubing connectors that reduce the risk of tubing misconnections.

If you have suggestions on ways we can better work with you, we encourage you to reach out with your ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

Our Commitment to Quality

Provide the highest level of customer satisfaction through our commitment to quality in all phases of innovation and development

Our Partners

We partner with industry-leading, global distributors to ensure our quality products are available to all of our customers.  Below are our current partnerships, however, if your organization is interested in partnering with Vesco Medical as a distributor, please contact us today to get set up.


Vesco Medical

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