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Multifil ENFit Tip Syringes (10 & 60mL)

  • Available in 10 & 60mL

  • Single Patient Reusable Syringe up to 14 days with proper cleaning after each use.

  • Enteral specific syringes for use in:

    • Initial tube placement

    • Flushing/hydration

    • Bolus feeding

    • Medication administration

    • Irrigation

  • Printed graduated length markings in mL.


  • Silicone O-ring allows for consistent usage without wear

  • Does not require lubricant

  • Optimal for cleaning and reuse


  • 60mL Packaged in an IV Pole Bag

  • Convenient for storage and Reuse

  • Includes ENFit Cap to carefully store fluid contents

10 and 60mL.png

Multifil ENFit Syringes

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