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  • I am a patient, where can I order a Q Pump or Q Pump Feed Sets?
    Q Pumps & Feed Sets require a prescription, so Vesco Medical cannot sell these products directly to any patients or caregivers. If you need to place an order, please contact your healthcare provider.
  • I am a healthcare provider, where can I order a Q Pump or Q Pump Feed Sets?
    To order any of our products, please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-855-239-0131. Our team is available Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Eastern Time).
  • What types of feed sets can I use with the Q Pump®?
    The Q Pump is only compatible with Q Pump Feed Sets, which contain a cassette for easy single-handed set loading & unloading. Vesco Medical has a wide range of Q Pump Feed Sets available for all feed types. Check out our Feed Set Selection here.
  • How do I change the Liquid Type setting on the pump for a thicker formula?
    To change the Q Pump Liquid Type setting for any kind of liquid, go to the Menu & press Liquid Type. On this screen, you can change your Liquid Type setting to Water/Breastmilk, Standard Nutrition, or Blenderized Diet. Watch our video Changing Liquid Type on how to change the Liquid Type Setting on your Q Pump. (NOTE: Do not use non-prescribed home-prepared blenderized or liquidized foods in Q Pump Feed Sets. Only use commercially available, prepared enteral feeding solutions and blenderized diets prepared by a clinician.)
  • How do I program a feed on my Q Pump?
    Learning to program a new feed on the Q Pump is easy! Simply press the Start New Feed button on the main display & then select one of the four feed programs. Follow the prompts to set a Feed Rate & Total Dose. Then prime the feed set. Once you’re done, you’re ready to feed! For more information on how to program different types of feed programs, watch our video Programming a Feed.
  • How do I find the keypad display when setting Feed Rate or Total Dose?
    Pressing the number on the screen at any point when setting Feed Rate or Total Dose will display a keypad to manually enter a numerical value. For more information on feed program setup, watch our video Programming a Feed.
  • How do I repeat my Last Used feed program settings on the Q Pump?
    After selecting the Last Used program option from the Menu, the display will prompt you to review the Feed Rate and Total Dose of the Last Used program. For more information on programming different feed types, watch our video Programming a Feed.
  • How can I clean my Q Pump?
    Wipe down the pump with a paper towel, cloth or moistened sponge regularly. For difficult to clean areas, you can wash the pump under slow running water. (NOTE: Make sure to turn pump OFF and disconnect from charger before cleaning. After cleaning, allow the pump to dry off completely before connecting charger to outlet.) For more information on cleaning the Q Pump, watch Q Pump Cleaning & Maintenance.
  • Do the Q Pump Feed Sets contain Latex?
    No. All Q Pump Feed Sets DO NOT contain any Latex, PHT, or BPA.
  • Can I lock the Q Pump to prevent tampering?
    Yes! Turning on the Screen Lock function, which can be found in the Menu, requires the user to enter a pin after each time the Q Pump has been powered down or is in sleep mode.
  • How long is the Q Pump’s battery life? How long does it take to recharge?
    The Q Pump will run for 24 hours at a rate of 125mL/hr on a full battery charge. The Q Pump takes approximately 6 hours to fully recharge. The battery symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the pump display indicates battery charge. (NOTE: Varied use more or less intensive than 125mL/hr will use more or less of the battery charge, respectively.)
  • How do I turn on the Auto-Adjust Brightness function on my Q Pump?
    To turn on the Auto-Adjust Brightness feature, click System Settings from the Menu. Go to Brightness & Sound. Position the brightness slider bar all the way to the left in the dimmest position & then switch the Auto-Adjust Brightness button on. For more information on brightness & sound features, watch Q Pump System Settings.
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